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Age Group Progression

Athletes train in pre-set Age groups as described below.
(Please note though that in competing, these Age Groups may vary according to the League/Competition)

Any child aged 7 and upwards train in this age group and move up to U11s as soon as they turn 9

U11, U13, U15, U17, U20/Seniors

Anyone training in the above Age Groups move up immediately after the September Club Championships according to their age on the 31st August of that year.

Amy turns 11 in March 2013. She competes in Club Champs 2013 at U11s, but following this competition she trains with U13s.

Rory turns 15 in early October 2013 just AFTER the 2013 Club championships. He competes in 2013 Club Champs at U15s and then continues to train with U15s until after the NEXT (2014) club champs when he moves up to U17s.


Age Groups

These are the age groups cut-off dates for the outdoor track and field season 2018. It is also the age group for the 2018/2019 cross country.

Age Groups/Qualification
Under 13: Born between 01/09/05 and 31/08/07
Under 15: Born between 01/09/03 and 31/08/05
Under 17: Born between 01/09/01 and 31/08/03
Under 20: Born between 31/12/98 and 31/08/01
Senior: Born before 31/12/98
Master: 35 and over on day of competition (5-year age group)

If you just change all the years by one then that will be the age groups for the
indoor 2018/2019 and the outdoor 2019.


SAL Number

A SAL number is an athlete's Scottish Athletics membership number.

Each athlete MUST have a SAL number before they will be allowed to compete.

This is an annual fee-paying membership of Scottish Athletics.
For more info on fees and how to get a SAL number, see
Scottish Athletics Membership



To compete for the Club, you (or as a parent - your child) will need to

  • be in the U11 age group or above
  • have a SAL number (see section 'What is a SAL number?')


There are 2 types of Competition

  • League Match/team event for which the athlete has to be officially selected
  • 'Open Graded' meets where any registered athlete can turn up and register to compete in specific events


Please see the Calendar for upcoming Events



If you would like to place an order please complete the attached form and return to Margaret Morgan our kit manager.

Please complete all parts of the form accurately and return to Kay who will advise when the next order date is. Completed order forms with payment can be handed to any coach, committee member or parent taking the register in a sealed envelope addressed to Kit Manager.

If you need to check sizes please speak to the coaches before training starts who can arrange for your son/daughter to try the kit of a similar sized athlete.

Kit Form Link: Here

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