Club Record Rules

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Rules for Club Record Qualification       


The following rules will act as clarification on what does and does not qualify as an official club record for Whitemoss AAC.


  • The Athlete must be a full paying member of ‘Whitemoss Amateur Athletics Club.’
  • The Athlete must have a full and up to date Athlete membership with the national governing body, ‘The Scottish Athletics Association.’



  • Events entered by athletes must be officiated by the correct number of qualified officials representing the governing bodies, such as Scottish Athletics, England Athletics etc.
  • Performances shall only be considered where the competition complies with the permit conditions and relevant Rules, as set out by an approved governing body, or equivalent.
  1. The following sample list of approved governing bodies is supplied for guidance:


  1. The following sample list of ineligible events is provided as guidance:

SHGA, local school events, cross country and multi terrain races, road races other than those measured and permitted by an approved governing body.

  1. Events not specifically included in sections (a) and (b) above should be considered on a case-by-case basis. Additions or amendments to these lists may be made by the committee. In the case of where an athlete competes for their local Primary School, High School, College or University, the rules in articles 2.1 & 2.2 must be adhered to such as Scottish Schools events. Local school sports days, and inter school district competitions are not officially recognised and normally do not meet the above requirements.
    • Official Scottish Schools and International competitions where an athlete receives a call up to represent their country will qualify as a club record also. Where an athlete qualifies for such events a record will count as a club record as neither a school or country holds club status so there will be no conflict.
    • Handicapped events are not be included. Scratch performances in handicap events are not be included.
    • For track and field events; the track should have been assessed and a valid current certificate, (for the specific event being considered), issued by the appropriate governing body
    • Where an athlete is selected to represent Whitemoss AAC by the Club, Team Manager etc. Any records achieved will meet the qualifying standards as long as it meets all other criteria.
    • Where an athlete enters themselves into an event such as LAAA’s, Open Grade etc. The Athlete must enter the competition and register as representing Whitemoss AAC. Any records achieved will meet the qualifying standards as long as it meets all other criteria.


  • To qualify as a Whitemoss AAC record. athletes must be a registered full paying member of Whitemoss Athletics and be registered with the governing body where Whitemoss AAC is their 1st claim club.
  • Where an athlete is a not a full paying member of Whitemoss AAC as 1st Claim but has registered with the governing body that Whitemoss AAC is their 2nd claim club. All records achieved whilst representing the club in either leagues or competitions will be valid as long as the athlete has registered entry as a Whitemoss athlete at that event and is wearing club colours and is a paying member.
  • Where an athlete is not a full paying member of Whitemoss AAC as 1st Claim or 2nd Claim but has been selected to compete for the club by the team manager for league competition purposes then any records achieved shall NOT be valid.



  • To submit a record please send an email to??
  • Records will be decided at the end of each month by the records committee once official notification is received and where all criteria are met.
  • Where a record is agreed upon as official, the athlete will be notified and updates will be placed on the club website and social media etc.
  • Where a submitted record does not meet the above criteria, the athlete will be notified and given the reasoning behind this. Athletes who feel the decision in this case is unfair have the right to appeal the decision and must email the committee writing within 3 months of the original decision date. A date for this appeal will be set and all parties will meet to discuss the decision. Based on the outcome of this meeting, the committee’s decision will be final.
  • Where an athlete achieves success at events that do not meet the criteria, the club will still offer recognition for achievements such as Cross country medals, school medals, etc.



  • Any athlete who achieves a club record in a competing year will be recognised at the official Club Annual Awards ceremony.
  • Athletes who achieve a club record will receive an award such as a pin, medal or certificate for achieving a record which will be presented at the annual awards ceremony


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